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Justin Sun and Steemit?

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A lot have been said about steemit and steem in the past few weeks now.

Do you think Justin Sun's take over of steemit or so would move steemit forward?

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This was a terrible breach of trust. The tokens Justin Sun bought were not supposed to be voted per previous agreement. Justin misrepresented the facts to exchanges, according to CZ of Binance. Justin certainly misrepresents the actions of the Steem Witnesses in trying to defend the chain--which is their job--as "hackers". And Justing continues to act in bad faith with the community as he lies and asks for fealty pledges from Steem Witnesses in exchange for his voting block.

The Steem blockchain will almost certainly find some way to preserve their value, even if that means a hard fork.

Steemit community will fight back

Nothing to see yet