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The purpose of peeranha Q&A Platform is to Pay Users who share ideas by answering questions on the platform. The ideas so shared is what rule the world.

Why then do we have questions that are not answered?

Is it that we lack knowledgeable people to handle such questions more so if the questions need experts to handle?

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This is a very good question as having as many questions answered as possible is very important for Q&A platform. The time that it takes to get an answer is also very important.

From my observations, there are 3 primary reasons at this time:

  1. Lack of notifications - currently the community is not aware of a new question is being asked. Automatic notifications and reminders will help with that a lot;
  2. Lack of filters that would allow finding all unanswered questions. If a question is unanswered and several days are passed then it is hard to find;
  3. Peeranha user community is small at the moment. Some expertise may be not available.

Notifications are in development and should be available on Peeranha soon. Features for the second issue will be built next. Hopefully, that will help to get more questions answered faster.

Refer more friends Victor - that will fix it.


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