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LoRa Radio and Software Defined Radio (SDR)

How does LoRa relate to software defined radion (SDR) that gives incredible radio powers to a computer with a $20 dongle and free open source software? Is there a way that the project could leverage SDR to give it even more power with low cost equipment?

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Without much experience with SDR, I know that software defined radios (SDRs) can pick up signals from a large range of frequencies. LoRa specifically operates in a few amateur bands defined by location. In North America it sits at approximately 915MHz and in Europe it is at 868MHz.

LoRa modules are already extremely low cost and can be found on many open source hardware boards for less than $5 in some cases. Using an SDR when testing would have its benefits though. A SDR dongle could be used for calibrating signal strength, for example.

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