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GCC on hold! Will you miss it?

For 32 weeks now, we've been enjoying Golden Censer Challenge and all round blessings coming with.

Now, GC challenge is on hold.
Tell us sincerely, will you miss Golden Censer Challenge, how fast would you want it back, or should it go and gone forever?


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I will miss it, however, I think we needed a break. It wasn't developing in my mind. Stuck in a rut, so to speak. But thank you for running Max.


  • Max.jcicon1,450ResidentMar 1, 16:31
    Thanks for your big heart, your leadership, encouragement and love. You showed us the mind of a true Christian. Thanks for sponsoring GCC for this long, it’s a pleasure working under your directive.

Oh, the GCC will miss him, but the changes are always good, especially "They are better than Giving than Receiving." I will send some hearts to GCC for the holidays, hopefully the innovative entry that SirKnight will surely bring us.

A thousand blessings to all.

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