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LoRa Radio System

What is the LoRa radio system and how does this project use it?

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LoRa is a technology that uses amateur radio bands to send small pieces of data over long ranges and low power. The maximum amount of data is only about 220 bytes, but we see this as a good for a physical network in the long term, considering eosio actions are only about 100 to 150 bytes.

Additionally the communities building with LoRa, such as TheThingsNetwork take a very open-source approach. This reduces costs dramatically. There are Raspberry-pi computers with LoRa hats on the market that can act like cell phone towers for under $300 with only slightly less range!

Coincidentally, there have also been many successful balloon flights with LoRa. Radio amateurs see balloons it as a good way to test ranges of their self-built devices. Some flights have seen tiny $50 devices use LoRa radio to transmit across entire countries! https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/article/lorawan-distance-world-record

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