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TeloKanda Weather Data Roadmap

This project looks so exciting and valuable. I love the idea of building value through enabling better science. Improving weather predictions through providing this missing data will save tens of millions in property damage and lost lives from poorly predicted hurricanes, etc. Flowing money back into the system to incentivize that is a wonderful idea.

So, what is the roadmap? When will we see the first flights, etc?

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The first launch was done in the United States over Kansas City, Missouri on February 2, and it reached 21,000 feet. The data gathered by the balloon is on the Telos blockchain here:


We plan to do a second launch in April and will experiment with the balloon's ability to "repeat" messages from ground devices, much like a low-cost satellite.

We will do 10 launches in Southern Nigeria beginning May 17 and attend a blockchain conference in Lagos afterwards.

With any luck, funding from EOS VC Grants or ClimaCell.org will allow us to do daily launches out of the University of Uyo for the 2020 school year.

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