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Can you stop asking nonsense questions about God?

I see a lot of nonsense questions here & some of you are trying to abuse the reward system.

Do you think you are smart?

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Peeranha website is broken down into communities - https://peeranha.io/communities. God related questions are being asked in the SteemChurch community that is dedicated to that type of questions. It is up to community members to decide the quality of a question by voting up or voting down. Topics that are not interesting to one member may be very valuable and important to another. Let's please be respectful to each other.

Notice that there are two types of questions on Peeranha:

  • General (opinions and ideas exchange) - Quora.com type of questions;
  • Expert (questions requiring an expertise in the area to answer) - Stackoverflow.com type of questions.

Questions in SteemChurch community are properly being asked as General questions. General questions provide lower reputation rewards than expert questions. More on the question types here - https://medium.com/@ilinserg/peeranha-general-and-expert-questions-9ccd966900dc.

You are able to customize you feed by subscribing to communities that are interesting to you. That way you will not see something that is out of your interest in the feed.

Additionally, we are about to release custom domain per community. This way each community will receive its own website with questions and answers only from that community.

I think that being able to block certain communities from one's question stream can prevent this kind of complaints.

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