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How best can STEEM and PEER interact?

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Now that steem community has been created on Peeranha.io, what is the best point of interaction of the two tokens - STEEM and PEER?

Can we have the PEER token integrated into steem-engine or create a Peeranha community on steem such that we could have PEER as one of SMTs?

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I believe both websites can integrate each other. But in my opinion for Peer to be successful is better that is built on Telos and stay like that.

Peeranha has a fantastic potential and can become bigger than Quora.

Good question and a wonderful idea. Let’s see how it pans out.

I love seeing great community like Steem on peeranha.

Its a good move! SteemChurch is also here paving the way, meaning that Steemians will have a smooth ride here.

Newbies will have opportunity to ask Steem related question.

And Steem in the other hand will help peeranha go popular with its huge users, to me its a win win relationship.

Good question Uyo.


There is a guy in Telos community who is also active on Steemit
He is fan of creating Steem tokens, he can make PEER tokens on Steemit and make PEER token airdrops, etc. etc.

it will be great to see both tokens work together

Nothing to see yet