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which is more important for a cyrpto currency, low supply or a usecase?

there's basically a low supply coin without any clear usecase but have a high price, and a coin with awesome usecase but having a low price all the times, so which one are basically you guys think the most important ?

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Definitely a use case. There have been gimmick coin projects with very low supplies, but they've never really been worth anything. I could create an EOS or Telos token in ten minutes with any amount of coins I wish, but unless the dapp or chain does something, no one is going to care to own them.

On the other hand, there are many coins that are purported to have good use cases but have very high supplies. Yet these coins can have very high market caps. Ripple XRP is a good example of this. So the use case is really what matters. What can people do with this coin that they couldn't do otherwise? And what's the value of that?

The use case seems to most important to me. What does low supply do if there isn't any use case?

The use case and a great marketing strategy is the most important nowadays for a cryptocurrency project.

  • arandaicon19StrangerFeb 25, 07:58
    that's right, i've seing some tokens on the Ethereum with a great marketing and a promised usecase, but after they get the capital they needed then the project is left to die, we don't need a promised what we need is an active usecase right? :)

Of course Use case. Supply is only part of tokenomics. You can create even 1 token supply, it doesn't mean your 0.1 of coin will be more valuable than 100 000 (if you create supply of million)

use case of course. low supply will amount to nothing if the coin does not have any usercase

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