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How will Peeranha’s Sub-Domains work?

Having read the answer to SirKnights question, I thought I would jump on the band-wagon and seek more details on how communities sub-domains will work and how many will be allowed?

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Each community can be configured with a subdomain to access its questions and answers. For example, Telos community can have URL https://telos.peeranha.io.

Community website will look a little different, will have some elements of branding of the community (initially just logo), and will show only questions and answers of that community.

Under the hood, it will be the same website that powers https://peeranha.io. Each community subdomain will be simply a CNAME record that points to peeranha.io. Website will detect that it was accessed using a custom URL of a community and will display some of the components of the website differently.

In the beginning, it will be allowed to have one subdomain per community. If there will be a use-case for allowing multiple subdomains per community then that can be quite easily implemented. However, we need to consider that each subdomain is treated by search engines as a different website and search engines do not like duplicate content.

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