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What do you think of Christianity? (GC #31)

For the Christian God is the heavenly Father to love and who loves us with infinite love. Christians consider themselves children of God. Therein lies the supreme value of every human life.

Christianity is an active religion that leads to action for a better world. It is a vitalistic and at the same time solidary religion that seeks truth, honesty and purity through imitation of Christ, God made man. In Christianity, God is the perfect example of love, who saves those who still do not believe in him and who dies for those who are still his enemies: (Rm 5, 10; Mt 5, 44;).

The great difference of Christianity with respect to other religions such as Islam or Buddhism is that the main axis of Christianity is Love.

And what do you think of Christianity?


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Hello, brother Christianity for me specifically refer to selfless love, without qualifications or considerations.

Christian thought, Christian doctrine does not incite hatred nor has it ever incited it. Always to Love and Joy, Truth and Freedom.

Another thing is that many who claim to be Christians comply.

For me it refers to the adjective that describes a true defender, humble and willing to give his life for the cause of Christ

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