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Should we honor the elders? (GCC 31#)

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Honor to the veterans

Reaching an old age and wearing a gray hair represents a great honor in many, because it speaks of great experiences, good and bad times, times of skinny cows and times of fat cows, years of service and work.
That walk a little slow reflects the wear caused by so many kilometers traveled, but, for those who honor the title of elder and come to listen to their advice, great blessing clothes them, because the truth is that if you can learn from the experience of others Although there are exceptions, you don't always have to feel the pain of a fall to learn where the obstacle that causes it is.

Certainly there are many who wasted their lives and when they reach this stage they have little to give up, but that is why they should not be considered an unusable burden, because even if they are elderly, as long as they have the momentum and discipline, you can continue learning GOD BLESS A THOSE WHOSE SILVER KNIGHT REFLECTS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!

God urges us to honor these veterans, let us be obedient and make a difference by supporting them in what we can, crossing the street, giving them a position, helping with what they carry, accompanying them, teaching them what they do not dominate in terms of technology. of this era and of course, listening to them and considering their advice.

Well, so... Should we honor the elders?

In what other ways?

Do you agree that if you can learn from the experience of others?

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Yes we should. We honor when we take care of them, we honor by giving attention to their feelings especially in their old age.

Good question.

Yes, we should honor the elders. it is a command from God.

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