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Peeranha upgrades?

Any hints on what the next Peeranha upgrade might entail and when it might be coming?

New advances are always exciting.


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The next upgrade will include the following:

  • Return the option to select the best answer for general questions;
  • Allow communities to have own sub-domains;
  • Several bug fixes.

We planned to deploy by the end of this week but running behind because one of the team members got sick.

Hope to have the changes ready early next week.

Other work that is also in progress and will be released next:

  • Notifications;
  • Tipping;
  • First version of Telegram bot.

Hello, SirKnight I suppose you are on the lookout, if the updates will be taken your proposals.

A Telegram tipping bot would be great. Are there also upgrades to the text input box contemplated? The current input box works with a lag and typical stuff like autocorrect and auto caps aren't working.

Nothing to see yet