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Have you joined the new Steemit Community yet?

We probably should keep up to date and share Steemit info at Peeranha Steemit. Am I right parishioners?


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You are right SirKnight!

thanks for sharing this.

I'm even thinking of bringing my children to peeranha.io hoping they could benefit from question and answers here.

New Community in Steemit?
Peeranha Steemit? In other words, should I create an account in Steemit?

  • I was talking Peeranha Steemit Community, however, our Apostle informs me she has registered the SteemChurch Community on Steemit now too. 😀 SK.

Thats a brilliant idea Sirknight. Great thinkers dont run out of ideas.

You are so right on this SK. I'm happy to see a steem community here on peeranha

Nothing to see yet