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Tron integration?

Hello Steemit.

Is anyone aware of how the Tron integration is going? Any timetables floating around ?


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The biggest thing to understand is that Tron did not buy STEEM, the blockchain, it only bought SteemIt, the blogging dapp built on Steem. Will it get integrated into Tron? Hard to say. There doesn't seem to be a timetable yet.

So either Tron plans to actually port Steemit to Tron, which would require a lot of account and content migration for no real benefit, or else it want to keep it as it is and just try to onboard the Steemit users to the Tron community. That is my guess.

I think the Steemit community would actually be much more at home with Telos. We could integrate Steem into some Telos wallets like Sqrl or Scatter, perhaps. (Technically quite possible but it may be a lot of work.) And we can reach out to that community as some are already doing.

  • Thank you Douglas. I always hoped that Steem would move across. Unlikely though as those who control Steem would be understandably reluctant to give up their Witness roles. SK.

I hope it will be a good thing for Steem. The last update I got was that the two teams are still discussing on way forward

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