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Any Steem projects or developers moving into TELOS?

Does anyone know if any Steem developer or project moving into TELOS. Steemit Inc. has been acquired by Justin Sun and some steem developers and community members are not happy wih this development. Perhaps some are already looking fork the Steem chain or even jump into another blockchain altogether. Any one interested jumping into TELOS?

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Ackza is at Telos doing plenty to integrate the two. Telos is now traded as a pegged token on Steem-Engine for instance.

For Steem I image Tron is the more exciting news.

For Telos, well today it might be Murmur.


I will check out Murmur, sounds good.

I hope so. There are actually a lot of good projects on STEEM that were hurt by its governance and other issues. They could migrate to a blockchain like Telos reasonably easily. That's an exciting prospect. As we are getting TLOS pegged tokens on STEEM and STEEM-pegged tokens on Telos, these communities and dapps are likely to grow closer together. They share a lot.

Nothing to see yet