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Jesus Christ remains in us actively? (GC # 31)

In John 15: 7, we find: If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask what you want and it will be done for you.

The condition of this powerful prayer is that we remain in Jesus Christ and his words remain in us, this has a powerful effect, which means letting Jesus remain in us speaking to us. It means that we welcome Jesus into our lives and make room for him to live, not as a silent guest who does not think or dispose, but as one with authority, whose opinions matter much more to us than those of any other, and whose mandates are the law of our lives

If Jesus Christ remains in us, his words remain in us, so it is good to ask:
Jesus Christ remains in us actively?


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If as Christians, Jesus is actively in our hearts and our lives, we are to live the love for God, love for our neighbor, love for children, I love children. I am a Preschool teacher and I teach my students the word of God, to actively have God in their lives.

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