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What maks the number of votes on Telos WP count in millions?

I am certain that telos is yet to have millions of users. WHile I tried to vote for working proposals via SQRL wallet, I noticed that votes of Yes/No were already counting in millions for some proposals.

Do we have as much as millions of users on Telos, if not so, what then makes the votes count into millions?

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Voting numbers are based upon stake - meaning the number of TLOS held in the voting account. This incentivises TLOS ownership, which in the long term should help see the value of TLOS rise.


Yes, the amount of TLOS staked by the voter either as CPU or as NEt, both viewable on SQRL wallet is what controls the count of the votes. Staked tokens form a part of token burnt like on steem to reduce inflation. To make outstanding votes, to ensure yo stake as much TLOS as possible.

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