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Why the ‘fish’ logos for peeranha.io and PEER Token?

I learn daily, and I believe that there's reason behind every decision that we make. Telos recently changed their logo from Acorn nut from Oak tree to an Indigo circled shape; I believe it was for a reason.

Now what is the reason for peeranha.io using fish logo for both the site and PEER Token? (please explain the reason and the meaning for those fish logos)

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My interpretation.

Piranha travel in a school - a school is educational.

Piranha live in a decentralised, yet cooperative society - as do Peeranha.

Other animals do not mess with Piranha - no one will mess with Peeranha.

Piranha are strong in numbers - Peeranha are strong within their communities.

Good question Max.


I see the fish logo as representing a quest for knowledge in a wide space like an ocean. In the near future, any user would be able to get answers to their quests on Peeranha. Knowledge is as limitless as an ocean and only fishes or fishlike things can swim through to enjoy the ambience of an ocean water.

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