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205 users in 2 month, what is your take?

For a great platform like peeranha, I believe 205 users in 2 month is not too good. I also believe there is much to do to grow peeranha.
suggestions are welcome

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I also agree with you that 205 users in 2 months is on a slow side. Many things can be done to improve participation and engagement. As suggested before, a referral program will help with awareness. Also as suggested by Sir Knight, advertising and marketing is needed. I also believe if peer gets listed on an exchange, it will help.

Advertising and marking needed. Perhaps a Brave Browser advertisement.

Maybe Telos will help fund - foundation or WPS.


I have notice a decline in users since the last review.
Maybe a review in reward may be considered.

Hello, 205 users, we will surely be more if we manage to invite friends. I am limited to enter the page, many Internet problems around my house. Oh the Internet goes down every moment. The page only loads with a very good signal.

I am sure that we can grow with the help of God and our brothers, friends, teachers and neighbors.

I think the onboarding of new users really slowed. I don't want to see Peeranha lose momentum. Referral codes will really help. So will getting PEER onto exchanges. But it makes sense that they want to enable more features first--which they are doing a good job of, actually.

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