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Has God spoken to you before through a SteemChurch parishioner? (GC31)


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Feb 16, 2020 12:39:04 AM
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goldencenser → max.jc 31 HEART

I have learned to see God as a potter, the one who molds everything according to his purpose and divine design. [Apostle Darlenys, SteemChurch. 24 Jan 2020. Peeranha.]

We as a church still stands in the gap, praying for mercy and healing upon the earth. Hope to see all brothers participate.

I made a prayer today and GOD through Golden Censer Smart Contract sent a word from Apostle Darlenys as you could see above to address my heart with hope that GOD knows about everything happening at anytime T, nothing can actually go against the everlasting plans of God.

This is not the first time that God has spoken to me through a parishioner, I've received God's word from SirKnight on many occasions.

Has God spoken to you before through a SteemChurch parishioner?


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Having a God in our hearts is wonderful, living with him and for him it is our duty as children of God and Christians. For me Steemchurch has been a great experience, from this Blockchain church, here we share the word of God and I like to see the experiences of all parishioners.

I admire the greatness of their leaders SirKnight and Darlenys.

Uyobon and Max are entrepreneurs and humble, they watch them and they are examples of persistence.

Sharing the word of God here allows us to listen to God through parishioners.


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