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Carbon - securing our credit card and personal details?

I now understand the sourcing and pricing process in relation to the purchase of TLOS through Carbon. My next question is about personal security.

I understand that I use my credit card to purchase TLOS through Carbon. How does Carbon keep my credit card details safe and secure?

Further, do I have to provide any personal details to make a purchase? If yes, how are these kept secure?


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Carbon keeps your credit card details safe and secure by mainly relying on a third-party, PCI-complaint data security provider called Very Good Security (VGS). VGS tokenizes and detokenizes credit card data for us. Tokenization involves substituting sensitive information like credit card numbers with non-sensitive identifiers. Detokenization is the reverse process. VGS has a secure data vault for your card data and we need a host of credentials for access to tokenize and detokenize card data, including a certificate, password, and whitelisted IP address, among other things. Even if your tokenized data is stolen, the thief would need our suite of VGS security credentials to detokenize and make any use of your card for fraudulent payments. And you do not have to provide any personal details to make a purchase apart from certain account data behind your card, such as the billing postal code and billing address. This data is handled in a similar way as the rest of your credit card data for security purposes.

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