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Wouldn't it be cool to follow other Peeranha users?

Imagine you could follow Peeranha users whose questions and answers interest you so that each time you log in, you would see their new contributions in a special feed.

Would anyone else like this?

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The idea has appeal Douglas, and is obviously being practiced by social media and information forum competitors.

The benefits of this include increased incentives for individuals to participate, grow their followers and perhaps build a revenue stream on Peeranha.

The disadvantage is that we would be moving away, to an extent, from 'Community' based Q&A.

In the past I have seen hybrid model forums that have worked well in say stock forums, where users would often grow a large following because of their contributions to a few stock communities.

I do think that incentivising individual Peeranha to excel through followers is a good way to go... if we can still hold on to the communities we are growing. One should never underestimate the might of community.

Good question.


This is a good idea Douglas and it would be great to have that option, I would also like the option to Private-Message other users but this would have to be earned, ie a certain level of reputation or after say 6 months, to avoid misuse like you get on Telegram where certain members try to scam others.

It important in the early stages for Developers to change and adapt until a right balance is achieved.
I agree with SirKnight above on the importance and the power communities can bring.

This will be great. I actually made this suggestion to the peeranha team sometimes ago. I also suggested that they should incorporate notification so that one can be notified whenever someone you following ask a question

Oh, it would be great to have followers and that this has to do with reputation, just as I observe this with the answers to the questions. In the case of the Golden Censer challenges, responses from Max and SirKnight are received mainly, this is part of the follow-up.

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