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What are the benefits of being grateful?

Exodus 20

Remember the 10th Commandment: Don't be jealous, envious or covet your neighbour's life, spouse, or possessions. (Enjoy what you have. Do not lament what you don't.)

Today, the Golden Censer has given me a fragment of Exodus 20 with the mandate of the 10th commandment, when meditating on its meaning I have been certain that we should be grateful and so we will be happy. We must leave envy, jealousy behind and give our hearts to Christ and His majesty.

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I would like to know your opinion. Thank you very much and happy day.


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gratitude is a ticket for your altitude. when you are thankful, your tank will be full. gratitude gives room for more opportunities.


If you have a roof over your head, bed, clothes and a full belly, surrounded by those you love, what more do you need? With this in mind, I am grateful for what I have.


Being grateful is a virtue that every Christian should have. The absence of covetousness is the attitude of being grateful always.


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