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Carbon - pricing TLOS

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Dear Daniel, Carbon team et al.

From the answer to my previous Carbon question, I note that Carbon maintains a reserve of TLOS tokens to supply its customers with. One of the accounts used to supply new TLOS purchases is pipepipepipe.

As Carbon has a reserve in place, how do you / they determine the price of TLOS, at any given time, to offer the buyer?

Further, does Carbon publish its prices in real time and in multiple currencies?


Answers 1

  1. We use volume-weighted orderbook data from several exchanges where TLOS is listed, such as Cointiger. We add our own surcharge which varies from 2-4% to compensate for volatility, demand, and the cost of providing immediate delivery of crypto.
  2. Yes, we publish our onramp prices for public use via our API: https://docs.carbon.money/docs/credit-debit#section-1-api-request-for-current-fiat-crypto-exchange-rates-get. You can specify the returned rates in 3 different currencies: USD, EUR, or GBP.
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