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Peeranha Comments - why 20 character minimums?

I understand why we would want to make question and answers have a minimum word limit. Peeranha should be thinking about these, provide well worded postings and therefore qualify for reputation points.

When it comes to comments however there is no reputation points to be gained. And quite often an emoji is enough to acknowledge the author of the question or answer.

Just a 😀 or a 🤣 maybe a ❤.

What are your thoughts? Would single character comments encourage more interaction and activity?


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I totally agree with you on this sirknight

Totally agree that we don't need 20 character comments, I've found myself at times having to add extra ones (waffle) just to be able to post!
Time will tell with just the single character comments, my guess it will average out to 5.

Agree! We will be changing it to 1 character.

Thank you.

to ensure that it is a human being and not robots.


I think that many of the questions that require more than a yes or no to be answered correctly.

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