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SteemChurch growth will be faster through?

We have many tools available to grow this powerful church on the blockchain.

Which available tools works best and faster in bringing many sons into this assemblies of GOD - SteemChurch International Ministry?

A - Steem Parishes

B - SteemChurch Telegram Channel

C - Peerenha.io

D - sctelos.org

E - Personal one on one evangelism

For me, I think that option 'E' - personal engagement with families and friends, schools, mkt places still works best for us right now pending when our option 'D' which is sctelos.org website will fully be ready, we need to tell them about SteemChurch before they can join us at these meeting places.


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I think one on one and referring to the new website when it is established should work well. Agreed.


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