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Carbon - sourcing TLOS?

Hello Carbon Community and welcome to Peeranha.

I actually have a number of questions for you guys, however I will ask them over the next week. I don't want to overwhelm you.

My first question is - when I purchase TLOS through Carbon, where am I buying from?

Do you have an account with a reserve of tokens - if yes, what is account name please?

Or are you sourcing from an exchange as we purchase?

With thanks.


Answers 2

Hello and thanks for having us! This is Daniel Shiferaw, CTO at Carbon Money.

  1. When you purchase TLOS through Carbon, you are buying directly from us.

  2. Our main hot wallet account is pipepipepipe but we have several other accounts providing ongoing liquidity to pipepipepipe from exchanges.

Carbon was loaned some tokens by the Telos Foundation and Telos block producers to serve the dual purpose of creating a convenient, secure, and easy to use fiat onramp for TLOS purchasers, and to help the TF meet their regular needs for fiat currency conversion. However, at this time, only a moderate amount is on loan to Carbon to allow them to begin replenishing their TLOS/USD balance from various exchanges. This will help better translate the outcomes of Carbon TLOS sales into market pricing going forward and removes ties from the Telos Foundation and BPs.

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