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What does the tenth commandment mean? (GC 30)

In the first nine commandments the Lord God avoids your sinful acts, that is, he does not allow the harvest of the seed of sin to grow. And in the tenth commandment, the Lord looks at the root of sin and does not allow you to sin in your thoughts. Pay attention to the differences between this, the tenth commandment of the Lord and the previous nine.

Desire is the seed of sin. A sinful act is already a harvest of a sown and augmented seed.

Then, the tenth commandment serves as a transition to the Law of Christ, which is more moral, higher and more important than the Law of Moses.

Under this commandment as soon as you wanted someone else, you fell into sin. Now the question is, will he return to his senses, catch him or continue rolling on an inclined plane, where does someone else's desire take him?


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The ten commandment is a love letter from God himself to mankind, it carries life and everything needed by our souls, spirits, and bodies.

When we keep them, along with all scriptures, we show or reciprocate love to GOD.

Thats why Jesus says, "if you love me, keep my commandments".

Thanks for this lovely question dear Lualberto.


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