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For good number of times, I've witnessed our leaders, teachers, priests and stalwarts trying to teach us the best practices on peeranha, but some of us are dull of doing things the right way like:

  • Not providing proof of transfers to Golden Censer for an eligible GCC submissions etc.

Could it be called inhumane if moderators should vote down on a GC ENTRY for not properly done, how will you feel?

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Hi Max, thanks for commenting that I am missing the proof of the transfer of hearts, I certainly thank you for not voting, below. Your big heart will help you. You are a guide in this GC challenge.

If I received a vote below and explain to me why? It would teach me to improve, it is human to err, but I must learn and improve every day.

In everything there is always something positive, look what happened will inspire you to form a question.

Be patient Max. Be patient. Jesus is very patient with us.


  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentFeb 13, 05:30
    Hello Sir, I’ll always be! Just up the question as another big way to enlighten beloved parishioners. I love SteemChurch. 😄😄

Oh brother Max, thanks for your keen observations. Thanks again for not voting down also before bringing it up here as a question! A large heart you have.
I think we have all come here to learn and the best will be to correct first as you have done and failure to adhere, can then attract down voting!

  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentFeb 15, 05:43
    Yes, we do these kin observations to put our Church in good practices before her tremendous growth. As the word goes, ‘catch them young’. 😄😄 We do these with love for our family - SteemChurch International Ministry.
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