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What does God think about adultery? (GC30)


Message received from Goldencenser challenge:

Remember the 7th Commandment: Do not commit adultery. Be faithful, loyal and true to your spouse. Exodus 20.

Reflection message for Golden Censor Challenge:

In this regard, the Bible is very clear, adultery is a sin, is prohibited and is a clear offense to God, to a God who is jealous of his own and who does not tolerate in any way that he whom he loves has a relationship with another. But the word adulteration should not be reduced only to a sexual issue, but the Bible always refers to adulteration as mixing, and under these two images we find the words spoken to Moses, "You will not commit adultery."

If we were to ask ourselves if we are adulterers, the great majority of people would undoubtedly answer no, but be careful, because Jesus wanted to point out "You heard that it was said: You will not adulterate: But I say to you, that anyone who looks at a woman to covet her, already He committed adultery with her in his heart, so if your right eye were the occasion to fall, take it out, and throw it out of you: it is better for you to lose one of your members, not to have your whole body thrown into hell. And if your right hand were the occasion to fall, cut it, and throw it from you: what better is it that one of your members is lost, that not that your whole body be thrown into hell. " In other words, adultery is not a physical act but a mental act, and it is better to be a cripple on earth and saved in heaven than to be complete on earth and spend an eternity in hell.

God bless you.

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In answer to your question. God says adultery is SIN and sin is lawlessness.

Adultery is sexual relationship between a married man or woman with another married man or woman. The Bible admonishes that every man should have his own wife to avoid adultery. God wants us to be content and faithful in our relationships with our spouses and God.


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