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A true discussion about Voice.Com the latest Blockchain social media.

Voice the latest Blockchain Social media which pay their user with Voice token will be launched very soon in the United States. Let's start a discussion.

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Good topic. Maybe we need a new tag- you might what to nominate one Malay, seeing it's your idea.

I am skeptical. What will be the differential between Voice and Facebook or Twitter? Both of which are struggling for growth now.


Voice will be similar to Peeranha when it comes to content ownership, and as you will have to KYC to register, you won’t have fake accounts as Facebook and Twitter has. It will be interesting to see how they’ll deal with censorship in comparison to the others, but I guess there’ll be less trolling.

This platform could work well with them and would be great to see in the years ahead having Peer/Voice parings in exchanges.

Nothing to see yet