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The best Blockchain games that pay you Criptocurrency?

Today's lots of Blockchain game entered in the market. If anybody tell me about some best Blockchain game which paid me Criptocurrency

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For the absolute best and just on horizon... have a look at xaya.io. Taurion and Soccer Manage Elite both look amazing and will allow you to earn cryptocurrency.

Drakos Keep which is coming soon to Telos, should be great too. Not sure if it allows for player mining though.


I like https://www.projectgenesis.com/ I am one of the pre-alpha testers they are not paying yet with crypto but I think it has lots of potential. There is also godsunchained but you have to win games to get paid, I am not much of a card player and I sold my powerful cards already. Games from MixMarvel looks good as well I found https://www.hypersnakes.io/ fun to play. For simple games I just use Lynxwallet and play their games there and earn some Lynxchain tokens. oh I forgot there is splinterlands too... There one game from Klaytn I forgot the name but is is an old school scroller that looks fun.

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