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Peeranha insights

Peeranha founder Sergey provides valuable insight into our future in this Twittee Live Broadcast.


A few highlights for me (as a SteemChurch community leader) include:

  • HEARTs coming to Peeranha wallets - so we can start rewarding SteemChurch Q&A contributions in HEARTs.

  • Community sub-domains, which I am hoping will plug in nicely as a feed for our new website Apostle Darlenys is developing.

  • Staking of PEER to boost future earnings potential.

Sergey uses our Peeranha word 'pioneers' to describe us. And us pioneers should be well rewarded in the years to come if Peeranha is a success. However, Peeranha needs us all to get active posting and referring new participants.

So what were your key takeouts from Sergey's broadcast?


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very insightful. Keep up the good work @Sk.


Great Development SK for great future. Duly following.

My takeouts were, a reminder of what Peeranha stands for ......

"Knowledgeable content that is shared and rewarded"

Account names (for a small fee in Peer)
NOT rushing to look for exchanges, totally agree, far to early for that.
Referral links? must look for mine.

Nothing to see yet