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Just got some PEER tokens. Can I import PEER to my Lynx mobile wallet?

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Keeping PEER in mobile wallets would be easily accessible.

Lynx wallet allows for TLOS and since PEER is built on TELOS, I'm thinking there could be a way to also store PEER on Lynx.

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If LYNX has an "add token" function, then you can add the contract name 'peeranhatken' and the name 'PEER' to see it. I will also check with the Lynx wallet staff about adding PEER to their list of Telos tokens.

If you want to see all the info available about PEER tokens, including the current "rich list" you can see that on Bloks explorer at: https://telos.bloks.io/tokens/PEER-telos-peeranhatken

You can also see your own balance of PEER on the bloks block explorer at telos.bloks.io and enter the name of your account. So you would go to: https://telos.bloks.io/account/eflviwu3sse1 It looks like you still need to claim your PEER tokens. You can click on the "fish money" symbol next to your name at the top of this page then click Wallet to take you to the Claim page. I sent you 1 PEER just so you'd see it show up on your page.

I hope this helps!

it will just be amazing if it were to be visible at the moment. please update me when you get through it.


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