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¿Fishers of men? GC #30

¿Simple words or something else?


Fishers of men

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men", this phrase, this call, was not a simple metaphor, it implies much more than many say. Fishing traditionally has its dangers, because the fish will not always be easy to get on the boat, in addition the waves can become dangerous, nor should we lose sight of the fact that it is easy to get lost in the immense ocean and that there are quite large creatures, capable of knocking down boats with ease... But didn't he know this who made such a call? Of course! He himself assures us, through his word that we would not be alone, that there is nothing that separates us from his immense love, that we should not fear him who kills the body, that for his cause we would be vituperated and that we should not get tired of do good because in due time we will reap if we do not give up.

Brothers, keep going, do not give up, even though the seeds of coldness, corruption, lies, evil and all abomination are apparently the most sown in the fields of our current world, we must continue to sow the truth, despite may the waves wave us in the boat, let's not be afraid, the one who called us will never let us down.

¿What do you think about this words of Jesus?


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