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Have You Had Your First Claim of Peer tokens?

Wow i just got my first claim of peer and i felt so happy.
How did you feel when you had yours?
Share your experience.

If you haven't gotten yours then wait its on the way😂😂
And if you have gotten yours then congratulations.

Below is the link to my post made on steemit block chain about my first claim.


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Yeah, I have and it feels good

I sure have, and it is a great feeling. Now I need to start referring new people to Peeranha to earn more.


Yes, just got my first 100 tokens

Congratulations @glotokens

Steemit: @felixgarciap

I'm still working towards my first payment. All good things take time. ^_^

not yet. still curious to know how it feels.


Yes, I received my first batch of tokens. I hope it represents adding useful answers to the various questions out there.

Yup I just got it a few hours ago. I just wish there is a way to make it automatic.

Nothing to see yet