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Integration of Blockchain Technology with Industry?

Do you think Integration of Blockchain Technology with the Industry will bring about Industrial revolution?

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yes i hope so .In future Banking and many government institution will use Block chain

I think it will bring about an internet revolution and a financial revolution. We will finally have fluid access to monetary transactions the same way that we have access to information transactions. The internet will be fully monetized with micropayments. They say any time you don't have to pay for a product, it's because you ARE the product. That's pretty much how companies like Facebook monetize their users. But when money is a part of the protocol due to blockchains like Telos, then you'll pay--tiny amounts--for access and you will no longer need to be the product.

Blockchain will team up well with IoT (Internet of Things) micro devices and allow them to securely record immutable data to the internet and also send and receive payments based on that. If you'd like to see a proof-of-concept app that can record data center metrics like temperature, humidity, physical intrusion detection to the Telos blockchain from IoT devices, look at: https://telos.bloks.io/account/bmspoc.tbs

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