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How can I integrate Bitcoin as a payment system to my Dapp to reward Proof-of-Work?

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I am building an educational dapp that would reward users and i intend using cryptocurrencies as payment modules. I wish to incorporate multiple cryptos. My favourite as of now are Tlos, steem and Bitcoin. How do i integrate Bitcoin reward system without incurring much transaction costs?

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This is a difficult question to answer even for a Developer as more info would be needed, like on what platforms will your dAPP run on? just for starters. Users would need secure wallets and you want to use 3 different chains. Liquid dAPPS developers work at communication /joining different chains, but don't do steem.

It might be easier staying within EOSIO umbrella of chains, starting with Telos. I would advise you to reach out to a developer and kindly ask if he could come and answer your question. ^_^

Good luck thou with your dAPP, as educating others is a good cause.

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