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How is the ratings review on Peeranha heading to sustainability of the system?

I have been so worried in the last few hours with the informed review in peeranha ratings. In as much as the inflation of PEER token is targeted (i guess), the sustainability of this platform must be considered.

I hope the technical team can explain what's on their plan for Peeranha

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Uyobong, can you please provide more details regarding the concern so I can answer it better?

There is no change or impact on PEER token emission. Max token emission for the first year is capped at 100,000 PEER per week, no matter how much reputation is earned by the users. If users collectively earn more than 10,000 reputation points in a week then reward per reputation point is automatically reduced.

For example, if all of the users received 100,000 reputation points in a week than reward per reputation point during that week will be 1 PEER instead of current 10 PEER. Current 10 PEER per reputation point reward is maximum possible.

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