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Which programming language would easily integrate a Dapp to Telos blockchain?

I'm currently building an educational platform which i intend to integrate it into Telos blockchain. Getting this done easily would require a sync in development tools and language.

I thus ask to know which are the best programming languages that would give an ease in linking telos blockchain and what are the pros and cons of such?

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Telos smart contracts are written in C++. There is a good development environment called Telos Studio (studio.telos.net) that makes coding and testing much easier.

Many developers use React and Vue to program the front end interfaces for Telos dapps, but you could use any such tool.

There are code samples and some documentation on the Telos Github (https://github.com/telosnetwork)

There's an EOS.IO developer's site that's good at: https://developers.eos.io/

If you want to see how to use the Telos Decide features in action, look at: app.telos.net.

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