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Did you attend church service yesterday? What did you gain if you did?

Tell us the sermon topic, texts and summary.

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Yes I attended for Church meeting yesterday, and we looked at the that says 'THE DEEP THINGS OF THE TORAH'.

After the meeting, I realized that Jesus did not established a new set of commandment, he rather lived and kept the commandments of our father.

It is important that we understand that there is no change of laws like some believed when they reference the New Testament and the Old Testament.

The only change in the covenant that God made with man is the structure of the covenant, God restructured his covenant with man in these way: The old was ratified by the blood of bulls and cattle but the new with the holy blood of Jesus, the old couldn't purge our conscience because of the blood of animals which was a shadow of real purging which we've obtained in the blood of Jesus. The old was repeating on a looping mode because the hight priests that was carrying out the sacrifices died, but the new was once and for all because the hight priest Jesus lives forever.


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