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Bring back 'best answer' for general?

If you are like me you will feel that the final selection of the 'Best Answer' was an important part of the Peeranha experience. Like me you are probably a little disappointed it has been turned off.

So let me put it to all Peeranha. Do you want to bring back the 'Best Answer' function and rewards (even reduced awards) for general questions?


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For me, I need a general review of the entire "new" scoring and rating system. Moderation would make Peeranha to become centralized and its what we've been running from.

We need best answer for general questions too.
Rating for upvoted answers in general category should be reviewed to 5 points instead of 1
Rating for upvoted Questions in general category should be reviewed to 3.


  • I agree. Points needed to be reduced, but to 1 is too much. Regardless - at the moment there is not a lot of technical talk going on. So it may encourage more. And it may encourage us to think more technically about the questions we ask. SK.

Yes I'd like to get it back. For me I aspire to get the best answer button hit on my answer. It encourages guys to dig out their best.

i am yet to comprehend the changes observe so far. it would that it will be made more user encouraging.

I need it back, even at reduced points, it'll help reduce junk answers; what is the essence of typing an answer when you can not beat the best answer?


Yes, I agree with all of the above and would like to have it returned please.

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