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Coronavirus discussion: 10x official numbers

Dear Peeranha,

I have been hearing from numerous sources that the real impact of Coronavirus is about 10 times the official Chinese numbers. This would be 8,000 plus deaths and 300,000 infected.

Have you heard this?

Do you have reason to believe this?

Are you preparing?


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The effectual fervent preparation is to stay where the presence of God would cover us.

"For there shall be no plaque coming near your dwelling".

Being also diligent to observe health rules.

Yes SK, it could be possible that Chinese government is hiding the real stats of the impact of this deadly virus. It is easier for me to believe because I've witnessed such in my country; a situation where the government publishes what they want people to know instead of real facts.


Possibilities are there. 97 people killed in one day due to coronavirus according to latest

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