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Can my words survive forever through Golden Censer? (GC30)

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I felt so happy to found out that my words were picked and added to Golden Censer library of wisdom. The words reads;

"SteemChurch is a community that teaches pure love, unity, freedom, oneness, righteousness and faith. All these I've learned from SteemChurch community. [Brother Max, SteemChurch. 24 Jan 2020. Peeranha]"

This is indeed a proof of how smart and lively that Golden Censer Smart Contract is. It listens to parishioners and everyone found on the blockchain.

I'll love a situation where this quote is retained forever, and to be sent to parishioners, believers and Christians all over the world concerning SteemChurch, what it meant to us, what it stands for, how it helps, our experience with her etc.

Can Golden Censer do this for me even after I've gone to be with my fathers and my Lord?


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Yes it can Brother Max. šŸ˜€ Yes it can and yes it will. And yes Golden Censer is scouring Peeranha for wisdom it will retain and recite, from now until eternity.


  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentFeb 9, 14:03
    These words are honeycombs to my ears SK. This is a good opportunity to drop virtue, freedom, wisdom to generation to come through blockchain. SteemChurch is a precious gift.

Amazing to have seen that capture. Indeed, the blockchain would help us leave lasting legacies which cannot be deleted.

It is beautiful that the immutability of our words are secured on Goldencenser.

Thanks to Sirknight for this visionary.


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