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Errors when voting and posting

I have been getting a lot of error messages when trying to vote or post. Sometimes I need to post 3-4 times before the transaction succeeds.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Has Peeranha got enough CPU and Net staked?

Is there a problem with the node Peeranha is connecting to?


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I think it could have been as a result of the upgrade/maintenance bug on Peeranha or probably network

Mine is getting more longer time before a question or answer gets posted, now seems to load for about a minute.

This error got me here trying severally to post.
I am equally having the same issue trying to post this. I think some thing need to be done.

I had thought am the only one caught up with the error issue! Sometimes it could be so frustrating that most of my posts are left not posted! I think it calls for attention.

Yes I've had a few times as well, but has worked the second time.

We see the problem with API call to pay for CPU. It was about 1 second before, now it takes 6-10 seconds and times out frequently. We made a temporary fix to at least make sure that it does not timeout. Continue working on fixing the problem.

it still persists even after the update. i think it's a node problem.

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