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Coronavirus discussion

Coronavirus is the single biggest matter impacting on the world and Christians today, and we need to discuss it and be informed.

Firstly, I have set up a tag for the topic under SteemChurch, please go vote for it.

Secondly, despite massive efforts to contain the virus in China there have been another 3,000 confirmed cases overnight.

This is a good site for the current official stats.


Many suggest however that China is downplaying numbers.

What is worrying is the number infected v the number actually recovering. This number is not rising as quickly infected.

And whilst totalrecoveries to date seem promising, what happens when hospitals are full of infected and medicines begin to run short? Surely recovery then is much more difficult?

Let's discuss and share knowledge here.


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Coronavirus has been declared by the World Health Organization as a global alert for a possible World Pandemic, so prevention must be maximized. However, it is not ruled out that it can affect us all. It is necessary to comply with the recommendations given by the health authorities. Avoid confined spaces and many people, overcrowding the virus is lethal and there are no vaccines.
We have to entrust ourselves to the Lord and as Christians collaborate in what is within our reach

Let us ask the Lord for the healing of the sick and bring comfort to the families that may lose their loved ones from this flu.


The possibility of wrong data capture has always plagued the central governance system. For political or other reasons, they publish wrong data probably to reduce panic. We need to begin research and brainstorm a blockchain decentralized dapp that could capture population data just like the Telokanda Weather Ballons which is currently in build on Telos blockchain.

May we keep praying as a Church that the Lord will heal the land.


i read somewhere that ant eater is the host of the virus and a friend yesterday told me that it is discovered that pigs are also Carries of the virus. am yet to verify the information. I advocate prayers for the world. God heal our land.


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