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Questions, Answers and Upvotes.

Steemchurch as a love based community here to carry every parishioner along. It is my considered opinion that the answer and upvote buttons should be used maximally for the benefit of the members as one of the ways build a strong community on peeranha.


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I vote up good questions and answers regardless of community and with respect to background education - because this is what love is. Fair, reasonable and kind. Without favour and unconditional.


Those buttons are there to be used, but only use responsibly.

For me, I'm of the opinion that it would be fair that one would upvote a question he answers. Yes! If you think the question deserves your attention and you expect your answer could be the best, then like it.

Sad to see a question with 6 answers but with 3 votes, unfair!

Let love lead.

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