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What if I have questions on ICT, which community can I chose?

I noticed that most communities here are somehow connected to Telos blockchian except but few. Please can't peeranha.io create other communities like Health, ICT, Agriculture, Family, Sports etc?

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If we would like more communities, we really need to work for it - then we value it more.

This being said - if you really think we should have a community now, like I think we should have a Coronavirus community - speak with Sergey.


At the moment, community creation is typically manual on Peeranha.io. For me, this is a drawback. There are many questions on our minds which lack a proper Community for expression. We need a community on ICT, life, education and many more.

This is is the one reason that we see many post good Questions in wrong communities.

Max, you may write them through mail at the moment.


Definitely ICT questions requires a community designated for it. it will further increase learning capacity for the members of that Community. but at the interim, I would suggest that questions without the right community should be asked on peeranha community.


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