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Does money corrupt a man or Does man corrupt money?

unarguably , money is a good servant and a cruel master. money itself is neutral in use or context. so what's your opinion

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Man is a still operating in his falling state, and things made by man are still imperfect like man.

Money is as corrupt as it's creator.

But there is hope for man through Christ the Messiah; at his government, corruption shall be swallowed up by incorruption.


God gave us gold and God gave us silver, both capable of being used as money. In their true form they are both incorruptible.

Therefore corruption is purely the result of human actions and their corrupted fiat currencies.


Corruption started with man when man failed to appropriate priority rightly. When man chooses to serve money, rather than using money at its best to solve problems; man then corrupts money.

Also, when man choses to see Money as a source rather than a tool, man abuses money, then corruption sets in.

The value of money is only placed by man.


some people will argue that money unlocks the corruption that is locked within a man. That a man with uprightness will still be upright in the midst of so much 💰 and a man with a perverse character will reveal his true form. in summary, money reveals the true colours of men.


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